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We, Who?

“Prometheus Consulting” is based in Chennai, founded by doctors who currently pursue successful career in medicine post education abroad. We help students to achieve their dream careers by providing best educational opportunities in prestigious universities around the Globe.

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Medicine Abroad

Every year around 7000 Indians go abroad to study medicine. Popular destinations are Russia, Ukraine, China, Romania, Moldova, Armenia, Philippines, Nepal, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Malaysia and Guyana. Among all the countries CIS countries like Russia and Ukraine has a long history of teaching Indians since 1970s.

Students choose to study medicine abroad due to various reasons, mostly financial. Cost of education is cheaper than private medical schools in India. Infrastructure and the standard of medical education is better than India. Students who study abroad get international exposure as these universities admit students from various countries around the globe.

Technology in medicine is growing at a faster rate than ever in history of mankind. Medical crisis as the COVID 19 or the Ebola or SARS are not just problems of one nation. These new diseases threaten life on earth. Collaborations between doctors around the world is already underway and it is the future. Doctors who Study Abroad on a international platform are going to shine brighter.
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